Criminology Review

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- Unlimited Review until passing the Criminology Testing

- Best Review Program

- Most affordable with the highest quality of review

- Topnotcher Instructors from Universities

- The Reviewee can choose either Group Class or One on one Teaching

- Top of the line Review Materials.

- With one on one coaching.

- With Mock Examination and Testing.

- Criminology Topnotcher Center

Criminology Examination Review!

A. Weekend Schedule:

Start of Review: April 23, 2022

Days: 15 Days (Saturdays and Sundays) 

Time: 9am – 1pm and 2pm – 6pm

Note: Enrolment is now open for reviewees! First come, first serve basis. Only few slots are still available.

* For reviewees who are busy and cannot commit on the review, flexible schedule may be provided.

* For students who do not prefer group class, one on one is also available.

Review Tuition:

- Promo Price: P4950 (The Most Affordable Fee in the Country that guarantees quality review!)

(Regular rate is P6950 but if Enrolment will be done on or before May 26 - 28 2022, the student will get P2000 discount. The discounted tuition will only be P4950!).


Promo is extended! Enroll from May 26 - 28, 2022  and get P2000 discount! Limited slots only.

Promo Code: CLAROCLE052628

(This code should be given to avail the promotion)

Available Discounts:

1. Discount: Enroll from  May 26 - 28, 2022  and get P2000 Discount!

2. Discount for the honor students: Get P1000 Discount if you are an honor student!

3. Group Discount: P1000 for 2 students, P1500 for 3 students, P2000 for 4 students, P2500 for 5 students. Bigger discounts may be available for larger groups.

4. Discount for PWD: P1000

5. Perfect Discount: Get a perfect score on the Initial Test and get P1000 discount!

Course Inclusion:

A. Intensive Coaching

* To guarantee superb result of the review, the Center focuses more on one on one coaching style. The instructors are able to determine the areas to improve of the reviewee to pass the examination,

* Flexible Schedule. Reviewees may choose Weekend, Weekday, or Mixed Schedule.

B. Best Review Materials for the examination.

* The Institution has its own Research and Development (RnD) Department that conducts thorough studies to guarantee that reviewees get the most accurate and latest review materials. To ensure development, Unlimited Materials are properly given.

C. The Best Criminology Review Instructors

* Learn only from the best! All the Instructors who facilitate the review are Topnotchers, University Teachers, and Experienced Criminology Course Professionals.

D. One on one Coaching

* All the reviewees are set to attend one on one coaching with the Instructors. With this method, the student will be properly prepared before taking the examination.

E. Grand Coaching

* Intensive Coaching, Tips, and Techniques to ace the Criminology Board Examination!​

Criminology Board Examination:​

1. Criminal Jurisprudence, Procedure and Evidence - 20%
      a. Criminal Law Book 1
      b. Criminal law Book 2
      c. Criminal Procedure
      d. Evidence
      e. Court Testimony

2. Law Enforcement Administration - 20%
      a. Police Organization and Administration with Police Planning
      b. Industrial Security Management
      c. Police Patrol Operations with Police Communication System
      d. Police Intelligence
      e. Police Personnel and Records Management
      f. Comparative Police System

3. Crime Detection and Investigation  - 20%
      a. Fundamentals of Criminal Investigation
      b. Traffic Management and Accident Investigation
      c. Special Crimes Investigation
      d. Organized Crime Investigation
      e. Drug Education and Vice Control
      f. Fire Technology and Arson Investigation

4. Criminalistics - 15%
      a. Personal Identification
      b. Police Photography
      c. Forensic Ballistics
      d. Questioned Documents Examinations
      e. Polygraph (Lie Detection)
      f. Legal Medicine

5. Correctional Administration - 10%
      Institutional Corrections
      Non-Institutional Corrections

6. Sociology of Crimes and Ethics - 15%
      a. Introduction to Criminology
      b. Criminal Justice
      c. Ethics and Values
      d. Juvenile Delinquency
      e. Human Behavior and Crisis Management
      f. Criminological Research and Statistics

Start Reviewing and Pass the Criminology Board Examination!

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- The rest of the Philippines.

*For Satellite Branches, we only conduct Online Classes. The rest of the Philippines and other Countries may also do the Online Class.

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